I’m Talking To My Family

At the beginning of this year, I had a goal to reach 7 billion people with the message that God has given to me; that is the Wildfire Message. In case you are wondering at the similarity with my name, Wildfire was the name of my ministry long before it became my name. It is the vision and message that God has given to me. I decided later to adopt it as my name.

As I was thinking about 7 billion minds, and working out a strategy for reaching my goal, the Holy Spirit spoke to me: “If you attempt to reach 7 billion minds, you will not reach anybody; you’ll just fail in life. I want you to be focused on reaching your home church. If you succeed in getting this message across to your home church, then you will have reached 7 billion minds.”

From that moment, it became my priority. In fact, these days, I feel so free and happy because God has made my job very simple and easy. Sometimes, folks who watch our webcasts ask me, “Why don’t you look at the camera while preaching during your home church services? Remember that you are talking to the whole world.” Usually, I tell them in reply that I’m not talking to the world; I’m talking to my home church. When I am sharing the Wildfire Message, I’m talking to my children, I’m talking to my family; the rest of the world just happen to be listening in. No apologies, that’s just the way it is.

Jesus had this to say:

“He answered , ‘I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”
~Matthew 15:24

Jesus focused solely on the Father’s assignment to Him while on earth. Likewise, I have decided to focus my life, and my efforts on the people God has sent me to.