SPIRIT OF WISDOM AND REVELATION: (7)Know The Authority That You Have

May you walk in the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the authority that is available and activate it by submitting to the Spirit.

The Purpose Of The Church.

Read today to see if you feel the same what I do about the purpose of the church.

Following The Holy Spirit: Trust Her Completely.

Key #4 Trust Her Completely. In any relationship you must have trust. The measure on which you trust the person is the measure in which you will listen and follow their instructions.

Following The Holy Spirit: Do Not Be In A Hurry.

Key #3 Do not be in a hurry. I’m this way you can avoid unnecessary issues and stress. Remember to always follow the Holy Spirit.

FOLLOWING THE HOLY SPIRIT: Be Content With Not Knowing.

Key #2 Be content with not knowing. If you want to follow the Holy Spirit you will have to be ok with not knowing so you can just flow.

FOLLOWING THE HOLY SPIRIT: Disconnect From The Outcome.

Key #1 in following the Holy Spirit is to disconnect from the outcome. That is a place of total surrender and trust.

Tongues Of Fire 3

We will see another aspect of the tongue today. Receive this fresh revelation and your life will never be the same.