Your Value Is Inestimable!

How do you measure your life and your worth? How do you evaluate your own personal success and standing in life? What yardsticks do you to assess your progress in life?

You Can Live In This World Without Even Thinking Of The Next Day

Worrying about tomorrow is a terrible idea. And it won’t make tomorrow any better.

The Only One You Should Be Attached To

He is the only one that truly knows why you are here. He is the only one that can lead you to your own personal success in destiny.

The Holy Spirit Is Our Habitat

As long as you’re living, moving, and having your being within the boundaries of the Spirit, all that the Father has given you will gracefully come to you with zero struggle and stress.

May The Love Of The Holy Spirit Immunize You Against All Offenses in Jesus Name!

Let nothing get in the way of your prayers and your destiny.