Optimizing Your Leadership Performance

This article is from my weekly lectures [on the subjects of leadership development, optimization, and productivity] delivered at the Leadership Forum of our church. It is of particular relevance to home church pastors, group leaders, and Christian business leaders. The present post is a continuation of last week’s Become an Astute Leader. My primary emphasis […]

Blogging on the go!

If you were to call me an efficiency, productivity, or optimization freak, I wouldn’t be offended.  I actually think I’m one.  I like to find the fastest, smartest, and most efficient tools and systems to achieve my objectives.  This might probably be the reason behind my obsession with computers, electronic gadgets, the internet, in fact, […]

4 Simple Steps To Boost Your Productivity and Become A Happier Person.

Are you overwhelmed by your pile of daily chores? Are you regularly depressed by the disorder, and chaos that characterize your life? Do you feel useless and unproductive? Do you want an easy and simple way to boost your productivity and become a happier person? Well, here’s a simple 4-step solution for you. ENJOY!