Following The Holy Spirit: Trust Her Completely.

Key #4 Trust Her Completely. In any relationship you must have trust. The measure on which you trust the person is the measure in which you will listen and follow their instructions.

Following The Holy Spirit: Do Not Be In A Hurry.

Key #3 Do not be in a hurry. I’m this way you can avoid unnecessary issues and stress. Remember to always follow the Holy Spirit.

FOLLOWING THE HOLY SPIRIT: Disconnect From The Outcome.

Key #1 in following the Holy Spirit is to disconnect from the outcome. That is a place of total surrender and trust.


Along this journey of time and space you will have mountain top experiences and valley experiences. Personally I use to really enjoy the mountain top ones, for obvious reasons of course. You know, like getting a breakthrough or answer to my prayers. 

But as I’ve grown and matured I’ve come to appreciate it all. As I get to know the Lord more and see how everything works out I find that I’m able to enjoy even the valley experiences. The valleys used to be such a struggle and pain for me. But I see it differently now. Your perspective is your reality. So it matters how you see things. 

Today the Holy Spirit wants you to see that He is the same Lord in the valley and on the mountain top. You see things in the valley that you can’t see from the mountain top and visa-versa. He wants you to trust Him in this today. He is releasing a grace for you to do so as you connect with the anointing flowing as I write. So wherever you find yourself at today; weather on the mountain top or in the valley, just enjoy the view. Bliss is in you. 

Let Love Be Your Shield And Forgiveness Your Fortress

Today Holy Spirit will reveal two powerful weapons of Spiritual growth.

Be Careful Of The Counsel You Are Listening To! (The Counselor-1)

Who are you listening to? The counsel you receive for your life really matters. It can make you or break you.

What’s The Point? (4)

We are back at it again today chipping away at this question: What Is The Point? Today let’s explore free will & remember to jot your insights in the comment section.