Satan is Really After Your Self-Image

If he could get Jesus to doubt His Sonship, Satan would then replace that self-image with a distorted version that would allow him to sabotage the mission of Christ.

I shouldn’t tell you how to worship your God, and you shouldn’t tell me how to worship mine

I think that organized religious systems enslave, rather than free people. They disempower rather than empower.

You Are Blessed and not Cursed

This post challenges you to embrace the blessing of the LORD in all of it’s fullness, and begin to enjoy the abundant life that God has designed for you. In it, Pastor WD Favour asserts that “the blessing of the LORD is not a thing – like money, houses, lands, or any other material property for that matter. The blessing of the LORD is a Person. As a matter of fact, the blessing of the LORD is the Spirit of God.”