The Happiness Secret to Health and A Long Life

Today is a special gift from God to improve your shot at happiness.

Despise Not Another

Ponder this piece with me. It’s about us; The important work we need to do in our lives. This is about our spiritual growth; About our spiritual learning. May I continue to refer to it as metamorphosis. Not changing you into something else, mind you, Because you really can’t be changed into something else. You […]

A Formula for Bliss

Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. When I merge those three in my consciousness, I actually come up with one thought: bliss. And I see this as the ultimate goal of living.

4 Simple Steps To Boost Your Productivity and Become A Happier Person.

Are you overwhelmed by your pile of daily chores? Are you regularly depressed by the disorder, and chaos that characterize your life? Do you feel useless and unproductive? Do you want an easy and simple way to boost your productivity and become a happier person? Well, here’s a simple 4-step solution for you. ENJOY!

Don’t panic! Hope and believe

You may be in the midst of a life threatening situation right now; troubling circumstances that looks like they are set in stone. Don’t panic! Hope and believe, because miracles still happen! Everything you are facing today is subject to change. So there’s hope for you. I understand that the urge to panic in the […]