How To Transform Your Desires Into Realities

My sermon yesterday morning was on ‘How to transform your desires into realities.’ It was essentially a message on the power of faith to move mountains and positively alter your circumstances. I quoted extensively from the eleventh chapter of the Gospel of Saint Mark, and I encourage you to meditate on the Scriptures used in […]

Home Church Reports 10

The love of God is the heart of our home churches.  Not only do we share common values and priorities, we also share the same spiritual genes based on the blood of Jesus Christ. This is the real power of our fellowship. ~ Pastor WD Favour on Understanding the Church   Enjoy this week’s reports… […]

Home Church Reports 6

“In a world that is enamored by mega churches – huge crowds and large numbers of spectators, I’m more interested in mini churches – compact, small groups of intimate brothers and sisters.  Jesus defined the Church as ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name…’” ~ Pastor WD Favour on Understanding the Church […]

The Principle of Personal Responsibility

Wow!  Our Church service yesterday morning was awesome.  The presentations from the various home churches were very inspiring and entertaining, just as the pastors promised in their last week’s reports.  The presentations were so good, and the service so interesting and refreshing that I decided I’ll be including reports on them in these Monday posts […]