Home Church Reports 6

“In a world that is enamored by mega churches – huge crowds and large numbers of spectators, I’m more interested in mini churches – compact, small groups of intimate brothers and sisters.  Jesus defined the Church as ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name…’” ~ Pastor WD Favour on Understanding the Church […]

The Principle of Personal Responsibility

Wow!  Our Church service yesterday morning was awesome.  The presentations from the various home churches were very inspiring and entertaining, just as the pastors promised in their last week’s reports.  The presentations were so good, and the service so interesting and refreshing that I decided I’ll be including reports on them in these Monday posts […]

Unconditional Love 2

There is nothing like unconditional love. If it ever appears to exist, its nothing more than irresponsibility, deceit, and sheer hypocrisy. Not even God practices it. Unconditional love (if there’s anything like that) is evil…The idea of unconditional love is an illusion for lazy and indolent minds. The reality of eternal love is that its conditional.

How To Sow and Reap Fast and Fabulous Harvests

My favorite part of each Sunday service is usually the time for the offering – that time-segment in any religious service when we give our monies as acts of worship to God. Offerings, sacrifices, and all other forms of material and non-material giving have been an integral and essential aspect of religious life and worship […]