Never Ever Play With The House Of God

When I talk about your assignment in the house of God, I’m not necessarily talking about only what you do in terms of ushering people to their seats, singing in the choir, welcoming first-timers and the likes.

I shouldn’t tell you how to worship your God, and you shouldn’t tell me how to worship mine

I think that organized religious systems enslave, rather than free people. They disempower rather than empower.

What does it mean to be a Christian?

think it’s important to state from the onset that I cannot reconcile my Christian faith with the religion called Christianity. So I’ve stopped trying. To be a Christian and to be a member of the religion called Christianity do not mean the same to me. I do not believe that Christianity is my religion because I do not consider my Christian faith to be a religion. Consequently, for me, to be a Christian does not mean to be a member of the religion called Christianity.