Why I Write

I’m constantly exploring my heart to discover and understand myself. There’s really no particular reason why I do this; I just think it’s the way I’m wired.

Recently I’ve been probing my heart to discover and understand why I write. So far, I’ve discovered quite a few of them. See if you find them interesting..

I write to entertain.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve always enjoyed reading: novels, biographies, news, documentaries and so on. Information —books, magazines, the Internet, movies — is my primary and preferred source of entertainment. Could this be the reason I do not primarily write to inform?

No doubts people learn a lot from my writings; but it seems to me that I write primarily not to inspire knowledge, but to inspire bliss.

I write to explore myself.

My writings help me sort through the craziness, contradictions, and non-conformist streams of my multi-dimensional perspectives. I can see several angles to any single issue, and so think in contradictions. This is why I will never be the go-to-guy for fixed and rigid doctrines on any aspect of life. That will never happen; simply because I’m constantly seeing new and different views on any subject.

So, I write to explore these multiple perspectives. In other words, it could well be that, contrary to what I’ve always thought, I write primarily to explore, rather than to express myself. Though it could also be for both reasons.

But I also write to protect my own personal freedom.

I think my own thoughts, and I reach my own conclusions. I don’t care who you are, but your doctrines and teachings are simply your own perspectives and I will never let you impose them on me. As far as I’m concerned —especially with regards to scriptural themes—whatever views, beliefs, or teachings you and I hold and propose, are merely our own individual spins. Period. They are and will never be equal to the scriptures themselves; to absolute truth.

So, for me, writing is a tool of personal liberation, a means of spiritual transportation, and a medium of entertainment.

Have a blissful week.