Surrender (1): “No, Lord!”

Acts 10:14 BBE | “But Peter said, No, Lord; for I have never taken food which is common or unclean.”

This post is a call to prayer. In the above scripture, Apostle Peter vehemently refused to eat animals considered unclean in the Jewish tradition. Even though Jesus, in Mark 7:19, had earlier taught him all foods were “clean”.

The tragedy is in the phrase: “No, Lord!” You call Him “Lord”, but you say “No” to Him?! Doesn’t this describe us in certain aspects of our walk with the Holy Spirit? Peter was unable to surrender his lifestyle to the new teaching from Jesus.

You won’t go far with the Lord if you persist in saying “No” to Him. Eventually, Paul took over the ministry to the Gentiles which was what that instruction represented. The Gentiles were considered “unclean” by the Jews. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you surrender totally to Him. Be helped by Him to say “Yes, Lord!” all day, all moments and in all things. Bliss be with you.