It is easier to succeed in the world than in God

It is God’s plan for you to be successful!

 “The Lord be exalted who delights in the wellbeing of his servant”.
~Psalm 35:2b

One of the core messages of this blog is personal success. If you are in Christ – and this message is actually addressed to you – I am absolutely convinced that your personal success is your number one evangelism tool. In order to bring souls to Jesus Christ, and influence this world for Him, you must be personally successful in your own life. As Jesus Christ Himself pointed out, Unless they see signs and wonders, they will not believe.” 

My aim in this post is not necessarily to help you understand what success is; I hope to do that, though. My primary objective here, rather, is to emphasize this simple truth: God’s definition of success is different from that of the people of this world. Success in God can mean – and usually is – failure in the world. The Scriptures clearly reveal that success in the world is not success in God. Like a seesaw, when one side is up, the other is down.

Furthermore, it is easier to succeed in the world than to be successful in God.