Submit To The Word

John 1:3 NIV | “Through Christ (the Word) all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.”

Everything in creation was made from the word of God. Man, demons, sicknesses, storms, poverty, sin, and all. Everything consists of the Word. I learnt from the Reverend that just like everything in life exists in degrees, there are also degrees of the Word. Sickness, trees, demons, and the like, are all lower degrees of the Word. The Father and the Son are the two (highest and higher) degrees of the Word. The son submits to the Father, however. So, the Word submits to the Word.

The degree of the word that you are decides the level of authority that you walk in. It decides how other degress of the word submits to you. When someone with a higher degree of the word shows up, other words with lower degrees submit. This was why demons submitted to Jesus. The water submitted and he walked on it. The tree submitted and withered.

We don’t need to fight the elements (problems, demons, sickness, storms, etc) around us, because they are all on assignments from the highest Word (God). We just need to evolve to higher intensity of the word that we are, by connecting and submitting to the word that made us – the Holy Spirit. As you submit, your own degree (power) rises, because the way up is down.