Sometimes You Need To Cry…

Tear drops.

Its not bad to cry after all.
In the quietness of your own solitude, its ok to let the tears flow.
Become a baby again. Lean on the shoulders of your own soul and find comfort in your own freedom to be you…to be true to your own feelings and emotions.
Its all about acceptance, the openness and courage to be transparent, not to others but to your own self. To look into your inner being without fear and confront what you see.
To face the pains…face the fears.
To face the hurts, the disappointments, the betrayals…

Then loneliness can be a friend.
It can be embraced with expectation.
The expectation of adventure and discovery…
Yes there’s the fear as you go through the corridors of your own mind…as you view the gallery of your memories…the museum of past experiences and your own interpretations of their meanings.
Broken dreams…broken hopes.
Joys…smiles…happiness…fleeting pleasures…
They all seem to come alive, each full of tales, each full of songs.

Time slows down to the rhythm of the soul…almost still
The moment is sacred because it’s unique and only you can experience it. The joys cannot be shared…neither can the calm sadness. It’s’s a tale of the sanctity of who you really are.
It’s the place only you can be, only you have been; and it’s so because only you can understand it.

Sounds mean very little here…it’s so spiritual. It’s true reality.
Human voices become sacrilegious…
The pictures cannot be painted on canvas..
The music cannot be sung by mortal lips, or played by mortal hands.
The quietness can be threatening…also the loneliness.
But the bold embrace it and conquer it…then the quietness becomes your aide, the loneliness, your friend.
That is when the tears begin…and the sounds of truth play in your heart in its own ethereal beauty…to the stringed instruments of eternity…that says all at once…
Thats why you cry because you know.

The tears speak a language that is hard to utter…
But like unwinding of a ballad dancer, the soul soars…
Like a little butterfly, a new being emerges from the hardness of the fears to embrace a new tenderness, a new vulnerability, a new trust.
But now it’s a trust in the real, in the true, in the understanding that everything ultimately changes.
And in the tears, in the sadness, there is a strange joy…it’s unspeakable…it’s full of glory…it’s heavenly.
Nothing is ever the same.
It’s evolution. It’s metamorphosis…it becomes a new aware of you

Yes sometimes you need to cry.
I know that.
I think you do too.
Go on…it’s ok.

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Thanks Lynn for your kind comments. I’ve personally found great strength in my moments of quietness and solitude from that which you refer to as ‘inner quiet…fellowship with the Lord and in His presence.”

Lynn Mosher
Lynn Mosher

WD, Thanks for reminding, and encouraging, us all to look within and accept what is there. In that inner quiet, we fellowship with the Lord and in His presence, we receive all that e need. Blessings to you…Lynn