Something To Be Thankful For

During yesterday’s Prayer Connect, we had the first Blissful People Hangout—a Prayer Connect completely devoted to just interacting with one another.

It was obvious from the conversations that everyone enjoyed it. We had a great time. And I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the next one. It will be happening every Saturday.

In the course of the Hangout, it came to me to ask us about our favorite thing on Prayer Connect. The answers were quite interesting. I also learnt a lot from them.

The love bond between Blissful People is growing stronger by the day. Through each Rule Your Day, Prayer Connect and other online and offline interactions, the Holy Spirit is fusing us into one divine love force.

This is a good thing. And I perceive it is unstoppable. I sense that we’re just in the beginning of a Holy Spirit flow that will engulf the whole earth and impact the destinies of many generations.

I’m excited. Really excited. You should be as well. Because, now it’s becoming clearer that this is more than just listing prayers and getting answers. The Holy Spirit had more in mind from the beginning. And He hand picked each of us to be a part of it.

So, today, I just want to thank God for making me one of His Blissful People.

All we have is love. 💕