We spent a good chunk of our time during this week’s home church forecasting and planning ahead for the forth-coming festival of home churches.

Concerning the festival, we are responsible for all protocol and security tasks. In order to lend speed to our pace, we understudied Joseph. We saw that the principle of foresight was the chief secret of his phenomenal success and dominion in Egypt.

Joseph was the 11th child in a polygamous home filled with strife and envy. Because of his prodigious foresight and lofty dreams as a child, he was sold into slavery by his envious and awe-stricken step brothers into a foreign land where he was later put in prison.

However, in a miraculous turn of events, his foresight translated him from prison to royalty!

By the application of divine wisdom and foresight, Joseph created a food surplus that fed the whole world for seven years. This was in the midst of famine! He bought up the entire human and material resources of a nation. He gained absolute dominion over a nation that was then world power, so to speak.

Joseph entered Egypt as a slave, then landed in prison. However, by the application of divine wisdom that brings foresight, he became the master of an entire empire.

Foresight is the ability to clearly discern trends.

  • It is the perception of the significance and nature of events before they occur.
  • It is an awareness based on spiritual positioning that enables you know intuitively what’s going to happen.
  • It is a preview of future realities that empowers you to take unique steps either to take advantage of coming opportunities, or to avoid  danger.

People who have foresight, who see ahead and plan ahead, will always dominate those who don’t.

The more acquainted you are with the word of God, the more foresight you have, and the more success and dominion you experience.

Can you see far? Do you think ahead? Get properly oriented and deeply positioned in the knowledge of God so you can smarten up your foresight.

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