Simplify Your Life

Ecclesiastes 7:27 GNT | “This is all that I have learned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated.”

Did you just read that? Wow! God made us plain and simple, but we are the ones that have complicated our lives. How? The NLT version says it’s by following our own (downward) path.

Our desires – the flesh – twists us, stripes us of power, and ultimately separates us from the life of Christ. A life led by the Holy Spirit on the other hand, is simple, peaceful and powerful. We see it in Jesus’s life.

Just before Jesus calmed the storm, we read that He went along with His disciples, ‘just as He was’. Again, at the end of a long season of teaching, everyone went to their homes, but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. Get rid of every kind of baggage in your life. Be as carefree as the birds. In walking with the Holy Spirit, He leads us to give up things. He purifies us. He simplifies our lives. Help us oh Lord to submit to You!