The pain was terrible, the agony unbearable.
I strutted along looking for relief from it all to no avail.
My right ribs were sticking out of my rib cage and piercing through my skin.
The pain was simply excruciating and unimaginable.

I went to a gathering of some people who were having church.
I sat in pain and listened to the songs.
They were beautiful songs.

Then I listened to the sermon.
It was a wonderful teaching, full of principles and wise sayings, exquisitely composed and dexterously delivered.
But I was still in pains.

So I went out on the streets.
They were advertising a very good hospital.
I went there and the medical personnel bound my chest with a white bandage.
That brought some relief from the pain, but it was momentary.

So I moved on and found an old man on a truck selling some herbs.
I applied it to my chest.
I even drank some portion concocted by him.
But the pains continued.
By now it was getting rather fiery and intense.

I sat by the road and wept in despair.
“Who will free me from this agony?” I cried.

“Sally, wake up. It’s time for lunch” It was the voice of my wife as she touched me and woke me up.
“What!” I shouted, “So I had been dreaming!”
I turned to her and said, “You came at the right time. Thanks for waking me up. I was really having a bad dream and I’m happy to wake up.”
She was puzzled, but I was really serious.

Someone around you now is passing through an emotional nightmare, a financial hell, physical pain and agony.
You can be the one that wakes them up from it just by touching them!
You can turn their suffering and pain into a mere dream?

I’m so glad she touched me and woke me from my pain.

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Dr. Nicole Sundene
Dr. Nicole Sundene

Very beautiful. The healing power of touch is simply amazing.


Seriously touching, really makes you stop and think, well done. With Amnesty week this week, this really drives the message home, keep it up