You Will Never Act Contrary To Your Self-Image

In the account of the temptation of Jesus, we noted that He never allowed the devil’s insinuations to alter His self-image. He did not allow His immediate and temporary circumstances to affect how He saw Himself.

As I reflected on this subject of self-image, I came to the understanding that you would never act contrary to the you see yourself. Your actions and decisions will always be in alignment with how you see yourself. Your behavior will always be in sync with your self-image. Everything you do and everything about you will never contradict how you see yourself. That is to say that even how you feel is decided by how you see yourself.

For example, what you consider disrespectful or an insult is determined by how you see yourself. Your perception of what is good or bad to an extent also stems from how you see yourself. This is why I say that though your self-image is not always accurate, it is powerful. It influences a lot of the things you do.

Your self-image is a foundation upon which your personality is constructed. It is a premise. It acts as some sort of base upon which you build your personality. You regulate everything in your life on the basis of your self-image.

In Whoever Shapes Your Self-Image Will Shape Your Destiny I pointed out that your self-image is a determinant. It decides a whole lot of things, if not most things in your life. So, your self-image matters a lot and your job each day is to make sure that it is accurate. You must make sure that your self-image is true; and not something distorted and planted inside you by the devil.