Whoever Shapes Your Self-Image, Will Shape Your Destiny

As we saw in Satan is Really After Your Self-Image, three times in the temptation of Jesus, Satan used the phrase, ‘If you are the son of God.’ The word ‘if’ is a conditional word. Satan’s aim was to sow the seed of doubt in the mind of Jesus regarding His relationship with the Father; regarding who He was. If he could get Jesus to doubt His Sonship, Satan would then replace that self-image with a distorted version that would allow him to sabotage the mission of Christ.

Jesus Christ made sure that never happened. He retained His identity. He knew who He was and would never allow His temporal circumstances decide how He viewed Himself.

Satan’s attack was aimed at how Jesus saw Himself; His self-image.The reason is simple: whoever shapes and controls your self-image, shapes and controls your destiny. Whatever controls the way you see yourself, will ultimately control your destiny. So, it is important that you are not careless with how you see yourself.

Your self-image and why it matters

How you see yourself is called self- image. This is an inner picture within your innermost being of who you are and what you look like; and it matters a great deal. We all carry within us a mental blueprint or picture of ourselves. You might not be consciously aware of it, but it is there complete to the last detail. This self image says, ‘This is the sort of person I am.’

In other words, your self-image is the mental picture or the deep awareness you have in your heart and your spirit of yourself.

Now, pay attention to this: Your self-image is not always accurate. How you see yourself is not necessarily how you are. People may have defined you in a certain light which you unconsciously accepted.  Also, your circumstances may have conditioned you in a particular way. The image you have of yourself may not always be correct, but it is very powerful. It is powerful because it is a determinant. And to achieve success in life, don’t joke with determinants.

Your self-image determines your action. The way you see yourself decides the choices you make when you’re offered options. Mind who and what you allow to determine your self-image because whoever shapes that, will shape your destiny.