Revelation is the Antidote to Religion

In Same God, Different Manifestations, I wrote that God reveals Himself in an infinite spectrum of unique identities, because He — the eternal, immortal, timeless, essence of all spirits and life — is infinitely multidimensional. He is one essence forever expressing Himself in an infinite spectrum of unique varieties: God Almighty, Consuming Fire, Unapproachable Light, Fountain of Living Waters, Holy One, LORD of Hosts, and on and on and on.

It is an infinite spectrum of unique identities: God reveals Himself as ‘Consuming Fire’ here, and  ‘Man of War there. He manifests as ‘Terrible’ to one and ‘Jehovah Jireh’ to another.  The list goes on and on, depending on the person. Same God, Different Manifestations.

My point here is to help you embrace your own personal freedom from religious bondage; also to transcend all religious uniformities.

Religion keeps people in bondage. And the reason is not far-fetched: Religion is not based on revelation. It is based on ignorance and fear. So it’s not surprising that it becomes a tool of subjugation. People in religious leadership positions tend to impose their personal revelations of God on the masses. Very little or no room is made for the unique expressions of God to different individuals. This makes for uniformity rather than that distinctiveness which is our God-given privilege.

Thus, until you can see God for yourself, and embrace that vision with confidence, you will remain a victim of religious manipulations. Your personal revelation of God is your antidote to religion.