Go For Results That Dazzle

If you want to see the finger of God in your life, if you want to see the manifestations of God in your life — those phenomenal and mysterious results that can only come from Him — you must learn God’s ways and then walk in those ways.

To produce the kind and level of results and manifestations we’re talking about here – the class of results and achievements that dazzle even experienced magicians like the Egyptian magicians – you must learn and walk in God’s ways.

If folks are able to take a look at the things you do and say, ‘Well that’s normal, we know how he did it,’ it doesn’t attract much respect or any influence at all.

The Bible tells us that we are for signs and wonders. And our Lord Jesus went ahead to say that, ‘unless they see signs and wonders, they’re not going to believe.’ You see, you’re not just in this world to create results; you’re in this world to stir up praise for your heavenly Father.

You’re in this world to cause men to turn to God, to follow God.

So, it’s not just about what you achieve and how you achieve them; it’s rather more about the effect it has on people around us and those far away from us.

Jesus said, ‘let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and give glory to your heavenly Father’
~Matthew 5:16.

When they see signs and wonders, they’ll believe.

God wants to do things in your life that, as people watch and  look at you, they will acknowledge that there is a God in Heaven.

Go for results that dazzzle, and stir up praise for your heavenly Father!