Renew Your Deeds In Our Lives, Oh Lord.

Habakukk 3:2 NLT | “I have heard all about you, LORD, and I am filled with awe by the amazing things you have done. In this time of our deep need, begin again to help us, as you did in years gone by. Show us your power to save us. And in your anger, remember your mercy.”

Today’s scripture reminds me of the first pillar of the Wildfire Message which talks about demonstration of the reality of God to His people. Read it slowly again. The NIV version says ‘I have heard of your deeds; renew them in our day, in our time make them known.’

God doesn’t want us to just get by with religion; with only what we’ve heard, or been taught about Him. He intends that we go beyond religion to experience His reality in our everyday lives. He wants us to have an experiential knowledge of His person, presence, power, favour, and miracles.

So, if you’re tired of talk and hearsay, and in deep need of His manifestation in any area of your life, join me and let’s pray; ‘Oh Lord, renew Your awesome deeds in my day; make them known in my time, and in my life.’