Relevance Or Likeness?

Matthew 24:28 NIV | “Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.”

Don’t pursue people. Don’t go after opportunities. Don’t chase after things. Seek not to be liked. Lobby not to be accepted. Rather choose to be relevant. Choose to be the sugar. Choose to be the carcass. Wherever you are, the ants and the vultures of this life will find you.

Your relevance comes from the Holy Spirit. Your saltiness comes from fellowship with Her. She is the one that gives value to your life. The weight of Her glory on you is what makes you irrestible. We loose our relevance when we try to fit into the world. We loose our distinction and our cutting edge when we break our focus on the Lord.

Lord, take us deeper in love with You. Help us to fix our gaze on You.