Rejoice In The Sufferings of Christ

In Acts 5:40-41, the apostles rejoiced after they were released from being detained, flogged, and ordered not to preach. I found it quite insightful. They rejoiced, not because of their release, but because of their suffering for God. They rejoiced because they knew the value. You can only celebrate what you value.

Has following the Holy Spirit cost you anything? Has submission and obedience to His will brought you any suffering? I have a fair share of it. That’s what it means to participate or fellowship in His suffering. God’s word today is to rejoice in your cross – in such sufferings that come as a result of your obedience to Him.

Rejoice in the delays. Rejoice in the denials. Rejoice in the losses. Rejoice in the rejection. Rejoice in the ridicules. Rejoice, not even in the glory that will be revealed, but because you can obey the One you love. Receive grace!

1 Peter 4:13 NIV | “But rejoice in as much as you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when His glory is revealed.”