Reign In Life

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13

Life flows in seasons:
Rainy, dry, harmattan, etcetera.
Good, hard, troubling and so on.

And if you let them, each of these seasons can decide what happens in your life:
Moodiness or happiness;
Suffering or enjoyment;
Complaining or praising.
Then you become a subject of the seasons.

Or, you can become king over the seasons!
You can choose to reign in life, over the seasons;
To not let the shifting seasons of life decide how you feel, think, speak or act.

Make your choice and let the grace of God accomplish it!

May the hand of the Lord give you dominion in life.
May you no longer be ruled by the seasons of life.
From now on, may you dominate your circumstances.
From now on, may you thrive and flourish regardless of the seasons.