Refuse The Stupidity Of Always Asking And Never Thanking

You may not have reached where you want yet. But you’re no longer where you used to be. 

On Testimonies Thursdays Blissful People all over the world take a pause to reflect on our journeys so far. We look at those things the Lord has already done in our lives:

The prayers He has already answered. His goodness and mercies that we have already experienced. His provisions that we have already enjoyed.

It’s a day of gratitude. A day of thanksgiving. A day that we deliberately refuse the stupidity of always asking and never thanking.

Remember, Blissful People are people of gratitude and thanksgiving.

So, take time today, take a detailed look at your life, travel down memory lane. Remember all that the Lord has already done for you. Then share your testimonies as your comments for today.

It’s Testimonies a Thursday!