How Reflectors and Reflections Reveal Yourself

Physical reflectors like photographs, mirrors, shiny surfaces, glasses or even pools of water, reflect your physical features back to you. They show you how you look: the complexion of your skin, the shape of your mouth, the texture of your hair, the colour of your eyes, the shape of your nose, your height, and so on. These physical reflectors give you a feedback on what you look like physically. Otherwise, how would you know something like the shape of your mouth or the colour of your eyes?

In like manner, there are psychological and spiritual reflectors that reflect back images. Whereas a physical reflector reflects your physical features, a psychological reflector reflects your psychological features. A spiritual reflector, on the other hand,  reflects your spiritual features; what your spiritual being looks like. It reveals your spiritual state.

You often hear folks make remarks like, “I can’t do that thing. I know myself.”  “You know I’m really hot tempered.”  “I am a good man.”  “I know what I’m talking about; I can’t make it.” Now, how did they know all that about themselves? Where did the information come from? It came from reflectors. A reflector gave them the picture of themselves that they have accepted. It is now a part of their consciousness. Whoever you think you are, or however you look at yourself today was derived from reflectors.

My aim here is to get you to understand the simple concept of sensual and spiritual reflectors in terms of shaping your consciousness of yourself. Simply put, just as there are physical reflectors, there are also psychological and spiritual reflectors. A physical reflector reveals your physical features. A psychological reflector gives you a picture of your soul. A spiritual reflector reveals your spiritual identity.