Receive These Prophecies For Your Situation

It’s natural to panic in the face of troubles. That’s a very human thing to do.

Sometimes, we put up a tough face, but deep in our hearts we’re terrified by those problems: due debts; unpaid bills; mysterious diseases in the body; relationship problems; enemies’ conspiracies and so on.

These troubles can trigger panic in your heart, and start to terrorize and torment you. They can distract and discourage you, and blind you to the presence and power of the Almighty Holy Spirit.

But that is not happening this season!
You have the greatest Help anyone can have: THE HOLY SPIRIT!

He will quicken your disease-ridden body and restore you to health.

He will cause the seasons to change over you and bring a rain of divine favours upon you.

He will move against the secret plottings and gang-ups of false friends, and cause them to surrender to you.

He will trouble your troubles and torment your tormentors.

He will deal with your foes and deliver victory at your doorstep.

He will cause you to enjoy peace and abundance within your walls.

He will strengthen you in your weaknesses and you will triumph gloriously over every Egyptian in your life.

Just type AMEN and receive your own portion of these prophecies.