Receive The New Wine!

Joel 3:18
“In that day the mountains will drip new wine, and the hills will flow with milk; all the ravines of Judah will run with water. A fountain will flow out of the LORD’s house and will water the valley of acacias.”

As I led in worship on Sunday in our home church family gathering, the Holy Spirit spoke the word, “New Wine”,strongly, and repeatedly, to me. He said He was filling us with new wine.

Wine is a prophetic theme of the Holy Spirit. Little wonder the scripture compares the infilling of the Holy Spirit to being drunk with wine.

New wine speaks of a new revelation; a new dispensation; a new move of the Holy Spirit. This was what Jesus meant about the parable of the new wine and old wine. He meant the dispensation of the Holy Spirit – of grace – which cannot be mixed with the dispensation of the law. 

Let’s look at the words in our text for the day again: New Wine. Milk. Fountain. Water. These are all symbols of the Holy Sprit, given to address the issues – mountains, hills, ravines, and valleys – of our lives. 

The Holy Spirit is bringing us to a new season. The season of new wine is a season of renewed love and intimacy with Him. He is bringing us to a place of all round renewal, revival, and refreshing, where every spiritual drought and dryness is overtaken. 

It is a season of abundance. Abundance of God’s robust presence, abundance of His word, abundance of His wisdom, knowledge of His will, and abundance of material blessings.

Does your relationship with the Holy Spirit feel stale; like a struggle and a drag? Does it feel like you are just going through the motions and routines in your worship of God? Do you seem to be loosing touch with the things that once moved and fascinated you about God? Do you feel this dryness and drabness in your spirit that you long to experience something new and fresh?

The Holy Spirit is the new wine. He’s bringing a fresh touch to every area of your life. Your struggles are giving way to Him. He’s calling and wooing you to Himself. He wants to become your greatest delight and obsession, once again. You are from Him. Your satisfaction can only come from Him. 

Your time of refreshing is now. He’s bringing back lushness, sweetness, newness, and freshness to your entire life. He’s bringing you wholeness. Receive Him afresh. Receive the new wine, in Jesus name!