Receive Increase And Comfort On Every Side

Psalm 71:21 | NKJV “You shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side.”

I shared on Prayer Connect of a video of a young man who wanted to quit on God because his life seemed like a mess, despite his faithfulness to God. He voiced out his frustrations to God. Shortly after he did, he came across some disabled people, praising God, in spite of their condition. He instantly felt guilty of ingratitude.

As I watched, the Holy Spirit ministered to me from it. He said his needs were valid, and that life is in phases. Someone’s expected miracle is another’s existing reality. It doesn’t mean the later is not hopeful or grateful. It just means he’s no longer in the same phase. For the scripture says ‘who hopes for what they already have?

So, don’t let whosoever’s misfortune, or privileges, condemn nor nullify your quest for more. At whatever level of life that you’re in – in bliss or in pain, God is committed to increasing your greatness, and bringing you comfort on every side.