Receive Fresh Fire!

Psalm 97:3 NKJV | “A fire goes before Him, and burns up His enemies round about.”

Twice, recently, while I was praying, I saw this vision. The room where I was was engulfed in this massive river of fire. As it continued to burn, some dark objects started flying out of the window so fast.

As I pondered what I saw, the Lord reminded me that the same way corona virus is said to not survive in heat, is the same way some ‘viruses’ in us – things that are enemic and detrimental to our metamorphosis – cannot survive the fire and heat of Her presence, as we persist in prayer.

Blissful, the flames of divine passion is being fanned in our midst. There’s a blazing Holy Ghost inferno. The Wildfire of our God has been kindled. It’s here to devour every limitation that has kept you grounded. Nothing will escape nor survive it. Receive the grace to let it burn in you. Be baptised afresh with the Spirit of grace and prayer! Receive fresh fire!