Receive Extraordinary Financial Favour Today In Jesus Name!

May the Holy Spirit Himself destroy all traces of lack in your life, in your family and in your destiny today! In Jesus name!

It’s Financial Favour Friday!

For Blissful People, giving is an extraordinary opportunity from the Holy Spirit to show our love to Him.

We consider giving a special act of worship.

We can worship God in so many ways: With our time. With our songs. With our services. And so on.

However, one of the most powerful ways to express our love and profound gratitude to the Holy Spirit is with our wealth.

Proverbs 3:9 NLT
Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce.

This is why the Holy Spirit Himself instructed us, as His Blissful People, to hallow Fridays as a day to honor the Lord with our wealth.

This is also a very great privilege. And I urge all Blissful People all over the world to honor this call cheerfully and even sacrificially.

Blissful People do not give to purchase God’s blessings. No! A million times no! Because we believe He has already blessed us.

Instead, we give because He has blessed us and we want to express our love and gratitude to Him.

Now, without wasting anymore time let us give to the Holy Spirit. Let us express our deepest love and affection to Him today.

Transfer your own Blissful People Love Gift to the Holy Spirit into the usual account as listed below.


As we give today, I pray that the Lord Himself will increase our capacity to give to him and to give to others. In Jesus Name

I pray that the Lord Himself will multiply everything we give to Him today back to us a thousand times, so we will be able to give even more to Him and to humanity.

In Jesus name.