Quickly! (2) He Was Quickly Brought From The Dungeon

Today is a really special day for Blissful People!

  • It’s the 60th day of 2019 Prayer Connect season two!
  • It’s the 3rd day of QUICKLY!
  • And it’s Testimonies Thursday!

Glory to God. It is truly a special day. And as you share your testimonies here today with the world, continue to connect with the prophetic message of QUICKLY!

Genesis 41:14
“So Pharaoh sent for Joseph, and he was QUICKLY brought from the dungeon. When he had shaved and changed his clothes, he came before Pharaoh.”

When Joseph’s time of lifting came, it happened so quickly.
From dungeon to the palace in a matter of hours—maybe, even minutes!

And nothing could stop it.

Your time of lifting has come.
By the Spirit, I’m declaring it right now.

Your story is changing as you read this.
The handwriting of destiny is changing in your Favour.
The signature of your release and promotion is signed.

It is happening quickly!

Receive this quick Joseph favour anointing right now to rocket you to new levels in Jesus Name!

Joseph had never been to the palace before.
He didn’t know how to get there.
And he didn’t have to.

Instead, hands came on him!
The hands of Pharaoh’s messengers.
Those were forces of favour, promotion and divine distinction.

He didn’t have to struggle.
He didn’t have to know the way there.
He didn’t have to put up any effort.

He was brought there!
And it happened quickly!

Those same forces are at work in your life even now as you read this.

Let go of your so called smartness, intelligence and brilliance.
Let go of your so called gifts and talents.
Let go of your so called discipline and hard work.

When it comes to favour, those things are merely filthy rags. They’re completely worthless in the face of divine favours. If anything, they actually nurture pride and frustrate the grace and favour of God.

Let go of them.
Let the Holy Spirit take it from here.
Surrender all to Him.

Not ten percent.
Not ninety nine percent.


Surrender all.
Let Him take it from here.
Let Him do in a second what you could never do in a million lifetimes.


Your testimony will dazzle and rock your world!