Queen Esther was Quite Crafty!

In this post, we will be learning from Queen Esther. Her story as recorded in the bible is filled lessons for anyone focused on relevance.Queen Esther was a mighty woman. She had a mission. Her vision was to preserve the life of her people, to destroy the man that wanted to destroy her people, and to influence the king in favor of her people.

To achieve this,Esther went into a lot of activities:

First she fasted. There’s nothing wrong with fasting; as long as you know the point of the fast. So, don’t fast just for the sake of fasting. She asked her people to fast, but in all the fast she had a point, she had a goal, she had a vision.

After the fast, she took time to dress, to make up and look beautiful before coming to the palace to seek audience with the king. She had a point, she had a goal and she was on a mission.

When she came to the palace, she prepared a sumptuous feast for the king and the prime minister. All of that was for a purpose. Esther had a point.

She wasn’t just trying to impress the Israelites with the fact that she was fasting. She wasn’t just trying to impress the king with the fact that she was looking good. She wasn’t just trying to show them that she could cook.

A lot of people do that. They try to impress. They go through the motions of fasting, beauty treatments and cooking just so they can show off their prowess.

In Esther’s case, what was the point in fasting, dazzling the king with her feminine charms and culinary prowess if she could not cause  liberation for her people? Was she just trying to impress the emperor? Or was she trying to fulfill God’s assignment for her life?

All of those things were not important to Esther. What Queen Esther was after was something more powerful. She wanted transformation, salvation and deliverance for her people. She employed all the resources at her disposal to achieve her mission.

And she succeeded!

“Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air.”
~ 1 Corinthians 9:26