Put God’s Word To The Test


By preparing for the worst!

It’s like this: If God doesn’t intervene with a miracle to fulfill His promise on time, then everything will fall apart.


And that’s scary.


Well, that’s how you put God’s Word to the test.

That is, unless you’re not certain He actually said it.

You probably made it up?

Maybe you’re gambling? Hoping for the best outcome, ready to bail yourself out with all your backup plans in case God doesn’t show up?

But if you’re certain God said it, if you are really really certain —like, convinced—then let’s put God’s Word to the test. And if we perish we perish.

How else can we prove His faithfulness?

Don’t you know that if you keep bailing yourself out just in the nick of time by taking human backup alternatives, your faith and trust in God will never grow.

Time to get real and serious with this faith business.

Bliss be with all Blissfuls.

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