The  prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective ’

[James 5:16]

The above scripture set the tempo of our meeting this week at Excellence home church as we all came together to drink from God…our fountain of living waters.

We sat under the tutelage of the apostle James.

My! We learnt quite a lot!

That there exists an element of the divine in the success of men is arguably indisputable. It goes by many names; some call it ‘luck’, others dub it ‘chance’.  But for us at Excellence Home Church, we see a God who rules in the affairs of men. So, we called on Him during our gathering to help us in our individual lives and also in our preparetions for the Festival Of Home Churches 2010.

Of course, sometimes there’s a tendency to abuse good things. So I won’t fail to mention that just as there’s no sense in using a  fake $35 bill because an original doesn’t exist, people sometimes do things in the name of prayer that are not needful.

The apostle James had something awesome to say. In the aforementioned scripture, it is the prayer of a righteous man that is powerful and effective. Not that of the lazy.  We saw also in 1John 3:7 what it means to be righteous :

He who does what is right is righteous

We deduced that when we combine prayer with doing the right things at the right time, achieving our goals and dreams become inevitable.

The term ‘pious irresponsibility’ reminds me of those who only pray and don’t bother to add ‘works’ to their ‘faith’ [James 2:14-26].

We ended the meeting with a firm resolve to put our prayer to  ‘work’. Feel free to join us!