Prayer Connect 2020 Season 1 is on!

Due to the technical challenges resulting from our move away from Facebook assets, coupled with using a new platform, we got off to a bumpy start.

But after three days so far, things are starting to stabilize and it looks like we’re going to have a great PC  season.

On the first day we just focused on asking the Father for the Holy Spirit; committing the entire season to Him; asking Him to guide us. This is very important because, as Blissfuls, we must never get ahead of the Holy Spirit. He must always lead the way while we follow.

It was during that very first day that He showed me the path ahead; how to go about the rest of the season. He told me to focus entirely on praying over the prayer requests submitted for the season.

His guidance is that each day we should all pray over a certain number of the requests. We settled on the number five, representing God’s favour.

So, every day during the live online sessions we’ll pray over the prayer requests of five individuals. At the moment, about 100 of you have submitted your prayer requests. If that number holds steady, then we should have prayed over every person’s request  by the twentieth day of the season.

On the second day, we prayed over the prayer requests of the first five Blissfuls. In three of those cases, the Holy Spirit showed me clear and detailed visions of their situations, the causes of their problems, and specific prophetic words for them. I asked the Pastors to help me write down these visions in the comment reply directly under the corresponding Blissfuls comment.

Later on, when I reflected on what happened, I could see that in three out of five cases, the Holy Spirit gave me clear prophetic diagnosis and promises. Of course, I can’t guarantee this 60% rate of clear visions every day. No one can predict what the Holy Spirit would do.

However, I am absolutely convinced that He told me He would answer every single prayer on that list. And I trust Him completely. My faith is unwavering.

This morning we presented the prayer requests of an additional five Blissfuls, bringing the total number to ten. Meaning that, so far, we have presented the prayer requests of ten Blissfuls to the Holy Spirit.

As we proceed with the rest of the season, please follow closely, pay careful attention especially to what the Holy Spirit is saying, and ensure that you comply with every one of His instructions to us.


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  2. If you haven’t done so yet, add your prayer requests to the PC 2020 Prayer List. CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS.
  3. And if you have already added your prayer requests to the list, then note the following:
    • The Prayer List is grouped into pages. Each page contains the prayer requests of ten Blissfuls.
    • And each day (started Tuesday morning) we’ll pray over the requests of five Blissfuls.
    • So, go to the Prayer list, find out what page your request falls into, and determine what day we will be presenting your requests to the Holy Spirit.
    • Remember to check back under your prayer request for any prophetic messages the Holy Spirit may have given to you as we prayed over your requests.

Do not be a passive observer.
Be an active participant.