I am expecting phenomenal, strange and shocking answers to prayers. Seriously. This will be the most powerful and testimony-full Prayer Connect Season we’ve ever had.

Every day, from Monday April 22 to Thursday June 20, (at exactly 4:00 am Louisiana US time, that is, 10:00am Nigerian time) I will go live on Facebook to pray for Beautiful People all over the world.

These 60 days Prayer Connect Facebook Live event is given for the rising of many. Testimonies will abound. Many lives will be forever changed. Yours will be one of them.

Miracle money. Marriage breakthroughs. Miracle babies. Supernatural healing from chronic diseases. Divine favours. Supernatural deliverance. Miracle jobs and promotion. You name it and it’ll be happening during this event.

Because of how powerful I believe this 60 days of prayer will be, I’ll be dedicating this page to prayer requests.

So, right now, without wasting any more time, enter your prayer requests In the comment area below.

What exactly do you want the Holy Spirit to do for you during this Prayer Connect Season? What miracles do you want?

Write them in the comment area below. During the Live Broadcast, I will pray over them and read some of them out. I believe that as I pray and read them out, your miracles will flow without any hindrances.

The heavens will open during this Prayer Connect season over the lives of Beautiful People around the world. Don’t miss out. Partake of it.

Now enter your prayer requests in the comment area below for a life changing and world shocking testimony!

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Miracle job, healing for my son, salvation for my family members


God’s provision on my business capital and God’s protection for me and my family.

Laurie Dennard
Laurie Dennard

My mother, kidney renewed & healed and diabetes and blood pressure.
Don’s sister Karen & my nephew Kody deliverance from meth and drugs. My niece delivered from alcohol and to grow up and walk in her calling.
Healing in my back and thigh muscles and knees from accident.
Job and or business opportunity whatever God’s will is for my life.


Healing in my body from head to toe, remove all pain, discomfort and disappointment. Victory/deliverance for my husband, protection for my niece, guidance for my family. Fill me with your fire, your anointing, your strength, give me willpower, remove any lack and procrastination. Amen

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