Prayer Connect 2018-03

The Power of God from the Holy Spirit

There’s only one Miracle Worker in the Universe: The Almighty God Himself. Only God Can Work Miracles

Do not put your trust or faith in a man or woman of God, in mere mortal, in mere flesh. To do so is to open yourself up to manipulations, deception and even a curse.

Look only to God for your miracles. Trust Him and Him alone.

“At once Jesus realized that power had gone out from him…” ~ Mark 5:30

The woman with the issue of blood wasn’t just healed because she touched Jesus. Her miracle happened because power moved out of Jesus into her body.

Unless the power of God moves into a body or situation, you could never experience miracles.

And the Power of God is in the Holy Spirit. Miracles happen by the power of the God from the Holy Spirit.

Take your eyes off your problems, and focus on Jesus. At some point the woman had to shift her focus away from the bleeding in her body and switched her thinking to reaching and touching Jesus. No more on her situation.

Do not become so obsessed with your problems that you make a god out of them. Instead remove your attention from your circumstances and focus on Jesus.

Open up yourself like a vessel and receive the Holy Spirit into you. His power is what will change your story. When the power of the Holy Spirit moves into your situation, your story will change.