Positive Attitude through Prayer

Prayer is one of the tools given to you as a Christian to successfully surmount the challenges on your path to greatness. The benefits of prayer are many and varied. In today’s post, I will show you another very important benefit of prayer.

Whenever you pray and continue pray, you experience some positive shift in your attitude; you begin to see things differently. Your attitude to life and your circumstances change. You begin to see difficulties as stepping stones, rather than as drawbacks.

I will give a personal illustration of this powerful benefit of prayer. We’ve been experiencing some serious slowdown in the building project of our church. However, to be honest, because I continue to pray over the challenges and demands of that project, I’ve never for one day seen the hand of the devil in that building. I’ve never for once thought that Satan was trying to slow us down; instead all I see is the hand of God. All I see is God working out something beyond the building itself.

How can you go through life maintaining a positive attitude if you are not prayerful? The fact is that the devil will be busy trying to interpret the circumstances for you; folks around you will be busy trying to interpret the circumstances for you. It is when you pray that God changes your disposition; you experience an attitude-shift. And it is this perspective that allows you to endure, because endure you must.

I’d like you to know this: you don’t really have a choice but to wait. Between the time God makes you a promise and when it manifests, there is a waiting period. So you might as well wait joyfully.

Memory Verse:

Romans 12: 12
“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”.


Heavenly Father, I thank you for the challenges that life throws at me. I know that they are only stepping stones to higher heights, in Jesus’ name.