My Blissful People,

Remember this today:

No problem is so big that God cannot solve it. No mountain so tall He cannot move it. No storm is so dark God cannot calm it. And no sorrow is so deep He cannot soothe it.

And if He carries the weight of the world upon His shoulders, rest assured today that He will carry you.

He is able to make you all He has designed you to be. Your best is yet to come. He has your tomorrow.

So fear not.

Receive the help of the Holy Spirit right now to take it one step, one moment at a time.

I speak peace, joy and divine favours into every aspect of your life today.

In Jesus name.

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Evangelist Livinus Ashiegbu
Evangelist Livinus Ashiegbu

Amen I believe that my God is more than able t help me IJN

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