• I see a very big bloated swollen head. Then I see what looks like a beautiful city spreading to the right and the left.

      I am the God of all flesh, is anything too hard for me. I am able to do immeasurably more that you can ask or think.
      God will do more than you have asked.

    • I see your internal organs- in your intestine theees something like a worm.
      He’s working in your body and bringing healing to it. The enemy has been at work in your internal organs. The Holy Sprit is bringing healing and wholeness.

      See another vision.
      Your prophetic vision is being restored back to you in its fullness.

    • I see healing around your chest region. I see the Power of God healing you and removing the pain.

  1. Lord I need your holy Spirit
    Open my eyes to see your glory and power
    I don’t want to be a failure in life o God, make me a success

    • You have found favour with God. The heavens are open over you. I see a blessing, visitation from God. You will receive favour from God.

  2. Fruits of the womb for my son God’s deliverance from violent spirit Financial open doors for my children. God’s protection and security for my entire house holds. May God open my spiritual eyes and bless me with gifts of vision in Jesus name Amen.

  3. ✅Wisdom
    ✅Hear the Lord clearly/ discernment
    ✅Brody to be filled with the Spirit
    ✅Favor and speed R-1
    ✅Deeper intimacy with the Lord- there’s always more.
    ✅WMUSA to grow and flourish— go to the next level.
    ✅Bless Rev for me in a special way.

    • Left is light, right is darkness.
      Evening first before morning.
      Switched my times.
      Switching back in my time.
      My path will be a brighter light shining unto a brighter day.

    • To the left is light. To the right is darkness.
      In God’s way of counting, it is evening before morning. That way the path of the just is progressive.

      The enemy switched your time and the order of your day. The holy spirt is switching back your time. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

    • A vision: a deep well, it’s dry and no water. But it’s filling with crystal clear water. He just opened your well. The rivers are flowing. The dry places are becoming fertile. You are being touched in your body, your womb. Glory to God.

    • I’m standing in front of a deep well with no water. Now the well is being filled with crystal clear water.
      God just opened your well. The dry places in your life are being made fertile. Barrenness leaves. The dry empty well is being filled with fresh and living waters. God is touching and healing your womb. Receive.

  4. Lord, Have mercy on me.. I do not want to be an ordinary Christian. I want my life to show that ur mercies are with me.Please help me to know you more.
    * I need wisdom
    *Divine assistance
    *Favor and speed
    *Total outpouring of the Holy spirit.
    *Financial freedom/Break through
    *Divine Influence
    *In accordance to your will, grant me the right spouse.
    *For all my family members,I concencrate them to you..Protect and guide them. Let ur will be done in our lifes.
    *Satify me early oh Lord..
    *Satify me early oh Lord..
    *Satisfy me early oh Lord..
    That i may only seek to know you more,

    • Heard a prayer: open thou my eyes that I might behold wonderous things from His word. He will give you insight for yourself and other people. Take time to read your Bible any book just begun to read. He will show you amazing things.

    • The Holy Sprit was praying for you:
      “Open thou my eyes oh Lord, that I may behold wondrous things out of your word.

      The spirit says for you to go to the Bible and study the word. He will show you great and wonderful things.

  5. Thank God for this prayer connect. All this time. I have been preparing for it, but my gadget developed a fault. I have repaired it and now good to go. Its a massive blessing for me to see you again pastor, May God bless you. You remain a turnaround to some of us.

    • May God’s favour and blessing rest on you.

      I see weapons scattered around you.

      But the spirit says no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God will give you victory on all side.

  6. My Prayer Request are:
    _ Let the Will of God happen in my Life..Let him Provide a Job for me,that will Glorify his Name.

    _For God to settle my sister Vivian in marriage.

    _For God to heal my mother completely from eye pains,body pain and headache..

    • You are a child of favor. He has chosen you to decorate you with His favor and glory. He will deliver you from the traps of the enemy. Do not be afraid He is with you and for you.

    • You are a child of favour. The Lord has chosen to decorate your life with his glory and favour. He will not let your feet be ensnared. He will deliver you from the fowlers snare.

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