Season Three Of Prayer Connect 2019 Is Starting Tomorrow!

The third season of Prayer Connect for 2019 is starting tomorrow, August 31.

Tomorrow morning, I will go live on Facebook at 11:00am UTC+01 to lead Blissful People in prayers, and to pull the Favour of the Holy Spirit on us.

The theme for this season of Prayer Connect is ‘RELENTLESS’. It comes from the words of Jesus Christ in the following verse:

Luke 18:1 KJV
And he spake a parable unto them to this end , that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

Men ought always to pray, and not faint. In other words, relentless in prayer.

If Jesus Himself said that, then it is a very serious matter.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to this season of prayers. The pull on me to pray is very strong.

I can perceive in my spirit that during this Prayer Connect Season, there will be tremendous deliverance from the cares of this world, from bondage to sin, from worldliness, from satanic spells.

There will also be mighty revelation of God’s direction and purpose for many lives. Many will receive clarity in what exactly God wants them to do in this phase of their lives.

During this season of PC, I’m expecting phenomenal growth and fruitfulness in our knowledge of God and of His will.

Are you ready?

Don’t miss the opening session starting tomorrow morning at 11:00am UTC+1 live on my Facebook page.

Meanwhile, today is Favour Friday. So remember to send in your Favour Friday offerings, tithes, first-fruits and so on.

Today is Financial Favour Friday!

Every Financial Favour Friday offering is a Love Gift to the Holy Spirit.
So, give blissfully and generously!