I’ve had multiple conversations with many people wanting to know the true nature of Blissful People: How are we organized? What are our doctrines? Mission statements? Goals and objectives? Rules and regulations? Hierarchy and structure? How does one become a member?

Silly questions all!

Blissful People has nothing to do with any of the questions above. The Holy Spirit simply sent me to pray for a People I had never seen nor met before. He said that He would connect us simply with His love.

He told me that all I had to do was pray for the people through the internet, reply daily to their Amen, and faithfully declare His instructions to them. Those who are truly among His Blissful People will hear and obey those instructions. 

John 10:27 NLT
My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

And whenever I read comments like Caylee’s below, posted last Friday, I always smile. Because they remind me, and confirm what the Holy Spirit told me.

He taught me that He will use His Living instructions here as a sieve of some sort. His Blissful People will always hear the instructions, and they will act faithfully on them—and that’s the only sign He gave me; how I can recognize and identify His Blissful People.

Favour Friday has become a vital aspect of Blissful People’s journey with the Holy Spirit. It is a weekly expression of our love for Him here in our community. It is a weekly act of obedience to an instruction that’s not always convenient to obey.

Are you among His Blissful People? Are you a faithful part of our global community? Are you faithfully participating in Favour Friday giving?

In any case, our giving here is strictly by the grace of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise it is completely worthless.

And so, today, pay attention to Him in your heart. Continue to receive His grace to obey. Continue to faithfully give whatever He tells you to; whether big or small.

Use any of the available options below to give today.


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Nini Zion
Nini Zion

Many thanks and blessings, my Rev 💕
Good evening and a restful night, my Rev
Exceeeding grace, Sir


Love you Rev
I need prayer here the Holy spirit will tell me something then I get a phone call r something
Abd then the voice of compromise comes
And I miss my opportunity

nwajagu ugonwa
nwajagu ugonwa

Type your comment here…thank you holy spirit for the open doors, I receive it in Jesus name Amen Amen and Amen




Thank You Holy Spirit. May I continually receive Your grace to obey. Blissful evening Rev



Caylee Smith
Caylee Smith

I feel so blessed!! I wish I could have met you in person, I missed you at Home of Grace by a few weeks! But thankfully God called you to do this. I’ve connected with your messages, some are so accurate with my life, it’s wild. I read your message this morning ‘Why cant we just be ourselves’ and I want to share it to my Facebook so bad! I love you and thank you for your dedication to this work. Its powerful. Thank you Sommer! Thank you Holy Spirit!

Ogbonna kele
Ogbonna kele

Amen and Amen

Igwara Peace
Igwara Peace


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