Patience Is Your Perfecter.

When I first met the Lord in this time and space I was so broken. The world had chewed me up and spit me out. I had been abandoned, betrayed, disappointed, hurt and so on. I was crushed and so weak.

As a result I was so impatient. I was impatient with myself, my son, with others, and with God. I found it hard to accomplish many things with out getting frustrated and wanting to quit. I was often unsettled, worried and anxious. I’ve come to know that impatience is a sign of brokenness and incompleteness that can only come from your relationship with Holy Spirit, over TIME. Key word I want to emphasize is: TIME. 

Recently He reminded me of that. Showing me of how far He has brought me. He has showered me with His love and over TIME as I’ve opened up to Him more and more He continues to heal and restore me. I’ve noticed that now I am more patient. I’m more patient with myself, my son, with others and with God. I barely loose my cool these days. I am stronger and feel a certain completeness that I’ve never had. This is the work of Patience. She is your Perfecter. Today, acknowledge her and yield to her work in you and your life. She is here to complete you. Bliss be with you.

James 1:4| “But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.”