Our Weekly Worship Of Love To The Holy Spirit

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Today is Favour Friday

Every Friday, Blissful People honour the Lord with our wealth. It is our weekly worship of love to the Holy Spirit.

This worship is really not for everyone. It is only for Blissful People—Those whose hearts are loyal to the Holy Spirit, and full of love for Him.

So, make sure you participate today. Give cheerfully to the Holy Spirit today with a heart of love. 💕

We do this every Friday. And we do it for two reasons:

  1. First and foremost, the Holy Spirit Himself commanded us to do it.
  2. Secondly, we do it because we love Him so much.

How To give

Use any of the available options below:

Wildfire Divine Favour
Zenith Bank Nigeria

Pay to: Wildfire Missions
Mail to:
Wildfire Missions
PO Box 876
Albany, LA 70711

Click the button below:

No one should be left behind. All Blissful People should get involved today and excel in this worship of love.

I believe the Lord will multiply our giving today a thousand times more. Something extraordinary is coming on Blissful People this June.