Opportunity Favours the Prepared

Obscurity is to be cherished;
for there, like David, you train your hands and wake your wits.
the backstage is to be blessed;
for there, like a debutant actor, you mend your mess and sharpen your skills.
The platform is to be craved but awaited;
for there, as a star, you send rays of smiles at your rugged backstage,
and thank the gift of obscurity;
if well-harnessed.

~ Akandu S

This week, we saw why it seems most people are “unlucky.” We got a glimpse into the crucial relationship between luck (opportunity) and preparedness.

In Ecclesiastes 9:11, we saw that the swift don’t win the race just because they’re swift. The strong don’t win the battle just because they’re strong. “But time and chance happen to them all.”

This means that for your virtues and skills to pay off, you need to be at the right place, at the right time.

I strongly believe that for you to be successful, you need opportunities that’ll utilize your skills. I’ve seen heavily talented people who ended up at the backstage of life because seemingly, opportunity never came their rough way.

However, luck and opportunity must meet for success to be birthed, just as a sperm and an ovum must meet for a baby to develop.

The swift win the race only because they’re prepared when time and chance came. The brave win the battle because they’re prepared to utilize the circumstances of the battlefield.

This scripture implies that everyone gets a fair share of opportunities. I don’t want to refute this no matter how arguable it appears. In life, everyone gets opportunities severally. The difference lies in one’s ability to utilize opportunities. This depends upon your baseline preparedness.

David would’ve missed the chance to rise to stardom when he met Goliath if he hadn’t trained his hands in the wilderness.

Great opportunities slip through our fingers due to unpreparedness. Like a piece of magnet that fiercely attracts iron fillings in its vicinity, a prepared man voraciously attracts opportunities. It’s the law of attraction.

Now, how do you prepare yourself?
We’ll continue next week.

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