Only Believe!

1Corinthians 1:21 ERV | “This is what God in His wisdom decided: Since the world did not find Him through its own wisdom, He used the message that sounds foolish to save those who believe it.”

God has given you His living words to distinguish you from the people around you. Prophecies have gone forth to give you tremendous success where others have failed. And all God requires of you is to believe. (John 6:29) He even helps you when you are unable to believe. (Mark 9:24)

To an outsider, it all sounds like a fairytale. To a worldly person, it’s all foolishness. Because the world has its own style of wisdom. The worldly formula states you have to hustle and bustle before things come to you. And what comes to you is dependent on how much you can do for yourself.

Well, that’s not God’s style. God enables you to believe the impossible. Then, He goes ahead to create these impossible realities in your life through the power of His word. It looks foolish, but right there lies the grace to participate in divinity. You will soar! You will succeed! You will walk in divine health! Totally powered by the message that sounds foolish to the world. Only believe!